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Information of hot spring 

Sawando onsen is a simple hot spring (Weakly alkaline ,low and high hot spring )that was drawn from the nakanoyu district in 1998 . It is reputation when it is very well warmly hot skin and hot water.

Large public bath

Outdoor bath cave spreads when you expand the tunnels that have rock 

大浴場 洞窟風呂

About hot bath

open hot bath and private hot bath

15:00 - 22:30 Separate

23:00-5:00  Private use

5:30-10:00  Separate

Depending on the season and the usage situation ,it may change

【How to use】

Just close the entrance door ,regardless of the display of men and women .because this time is all private bath only . you can enjoy

【The indoor bath】


Yuta no yu


【Bath time】

1time 50 minutes, reservation system (Free)

Please make a reservation at the reception desk.

Please pick up the key for the bath at the reception desk and return it after use.

22:30~5:45 reservation is not necessary. 




Room's open air bath

only 1st floor 



​Available for use



Not shower​

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