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For dinner, we will have kaiseki cuisine freshly prepared using plenty of shinshu ingredients.


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Menu of one day cooking of this month

        You can choose standard broiled meat dish with book marks picture.


Shinshu beefs

Grill of shrimp and snapper

Hida beef (3000yen ,tax excluded you can change from each person.

Please be sure to inform us in advance.

       If you have allergies, please let us know.

  Please note that alternative dishes cannot be provided.



We cook rice one by one from matsumoto daira in clay pots .

We have freshly and fried eggs. Enjoy the fluffy and hot egg roll.

Childrens Dishes


Enjoy tatami  mats under your feet in a private room separated by a low table and a seat wall. Some rooms are available for groups of up 12 peoples contact us.

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