About winter sales 
Every years from November 16th to April 16th , the busy kamikochi area and a  quiet winter comes Keiryu so shiorie is open all yera around .
The period from December 1st to March 31(Excluding the beginning of the year) in the winter 
Please enjoy your stay in the winter bookmark picture slowly , at a reasonable price.

Enjoying the winter story part one 


The open time of the  open air cave bath will be longer , normally , It is reserved time from 23;00 to 5;00 and 

by 20;30 to 6;00 after dinner. If you are normally late and unable to use .Why don't to take this opportunity?

Enjoying the winter story part two 

There are no restrictions on children only two group per day are accepted for infants and children,but there are no fees or restrictions during the period .

Tables can be rented up to the first two sets .

Winter story part Three

There is a limited time plan . In addition to the kaiseki cuisine plan Where you can choose the main you can apply for the winter fun nave plan whole building plan or winter kamikochi guided tour.

Winter story part four 

The municipal parking lot in front of the closed during the winter . You can freely use the snow on the open parking lot. Why don't you play sledding make a snow man or play with snow? The staff also creates kamakura  and snow mountains.