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Regarding food allergies and foods that you are not good at 
We want everyone to be able to enjoy their meals with peace of mind . 
Please inform us if any food allergies at least 3 day in a advance when making a reservation . Please note that we cannot respond on the same day. 
We may not be able to respond completly .
Thankyou for your  understanding.


of the product:Chicken ,shrimp,mackerel, apples if you have any allergy .

We are often able to accommodate you. in some cases , only the ingredients are removed , or the food itself is removed.


Allergies to eggs , flour , dairy products, fats, soybeans , nuts etc.

It is not possible to completely remove ingerdients that are used as bindere during cooking , sessoning such as dressing , soy sauce and miso and ingredients that are included in soup stock.


Seafood Allergy

Most our dishes are made with Japanese's style dashi made from bonito and kombu seaweed. Ingredients related to the overall course cannot be removed .


Can not eat meat

YOu can change the main dish  shrimp and scallops  . For other dishes , it is possible to remove the ingredients ,but is not possible to remove both or extra of the meat.




About least favorite food


No raw fish

We offer sashimi such as shinshu salmon 
However, it is possible to change to dish . Please consult advance . If you are pregnant, we will change it if you wish.


You donot like mushrooms, green onions and river fish etc

We cannot change the dishes according to the customer`s like and dislikes. 
Our hotel is located in the mountains . Please not that river fish and mushrooms are used in multiple.


New year `s dishes

For breakfast on January 1st , 2nd, 3rd , we serve new year dishes. Individual changes are not possible . 


want to less salt

I can't prepare another menu. But,I'll handle it as much as I can.

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